About Tekola

Te = means Tea in Sinhala

Kola = Leaves

My quest for the finest quality, authentic, Ceylon tea prompted me to start the Tekola Tea Co. back in 2004. As a native son of Sri Lanka, I am delighted to reintroduce to far reaches of the globe with the finest quality Ceylon teas, originally made famous by British explorers in the 19th century.

Sri Lanka’s history is as rich as the teas that come from its diverse regions and it's my goal to deliver that same history to refined tea aficionados worldwide. I am proud of the teas we harvest, the traditional machinery and methodology we use and the people we employ. Each pack of tea is a testament to the unsurpassed quality, lush flavor and distinctive aromatic, spicy blends that can only come from authentic Ceylon tea.

lion-logo.gifThe Tekola Tea Co. proudly displays the highest honor a tea company can be granted by the Sri Lankan Tea Board: The Lion Logo. This unique logo displays a lion holding a sword, indicated only on packs of 100% Ceylon tea, grown in, processed in and shipped out of Sri Lanka. The Lion Logo guarantees Sri Lanka as country of origin and is the authentic symbol of high quality teas.

Ripe with anti-oxidants, less caffeine than coffee and proven health benefits, tea still is the drink of choice across all classes of people around the world. I am humbled to offer you our Tekola Teas for your brewing pleasure.

Chris Wikkramatillake


With master blender Errol Bernard (June 2018)